Feature Comparison

The chart below compares the MyWorthNow tool with some of our industry competitors, as well as highlights the features that are unique to MyWorthNow.

Financial Statement Pro Networth Express
Security and Backup 24/7
Keep your data secure with bank-level security
in an encrypted online environment. do
not risk your financial data on your hard drive
Delegate Feature
Allow your banker or trusted financial advisor
access to manage or view your statements
Simultaneous Multiple Viewers
View your statement with your banker
or financial advisor in your own office
or home
Statement Comparison and Tracking Tools
Compare any two statements
to track your financial data
Online Access
24/7 Access - Just like online banking
User Friendly
Our application allows you to simply flow
through your statement
Title to Multiple Institutions
You can title your statement to any
institution and automatically included
in the sworn statement
Unlimited Space for Categories
No more attachments.
You can add as many spaces as necessary
No more calculation errors and your banker
no longer has to check for accuracy
Print Custom Blank Statements
If you do not like keeping your statement
with us - just print out a custom blank statement
Storage of Previous Statements
Unlimited storage of all your previous statements
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